March 1977 Newsletter


March 1977 Newsletter


Feminism; Germanists; Congresses



Number 10                                                      March 1, 1977

Subscription fee: $2.00 per year ($1.00 if unemployed)

As this issue of our newsletter makes clear, we have been extremely successful in establishing sections at professional meetings on the topic relating to feminist research. Nonetheless we must continue our effort to assure that these sections become permanent. The best way to make these sections productive is to submit papers and abstracts. For this reason, we encourage you to respond to the announce­ments. If you do not have a paper ready, a one-page abstract will often suffice.
In spite of the outburst of activities at professional meetings, there are still many women who are isolated in their jobs and who would like to contact other coali­tion members in their vicinity. For this reason we would like to publish a list of the names and addresses of all coalition members in our next newsletter. Before we do this we want to make sure that there is no one who objects to having her or his name made public. If you would prefer that we omit your name, please contact us immediately. You can look forward to finding out who your neighbors are very soon.

Also of special interest for our coalition members is the formation of the NWSTA National Women * s Studies Association which is interdisciplinary and dedicated to promoting feminist research on all levels and in all educational settings. The interdisciplinary nature of this association makes it particularly important that people doing research in German participate in this effort. The promoters of this organization will be regional organizations. A mailing will soon go out to all feminist studies programs and centers. As soon as forms are available we will make them public in our newsletter. If you are near a Women’s Studies Program contact it for further information. For more specific information now, write NWSTA, Sylvia Gonzales, San Jose State, San Jose, California.


New German Critique is planning to devote one issue to the subject of Women trom a socialist feminist perspective. Contributions are being actively solicited and should be sent to Renny Harrigan, German Department, University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee (UWM). The deadline is May 1.


The Midwest Modern Language Association Section on Women and Literature is requesting papers to be the basis of discussion at the MMLA annual meeting in Chicago, October 27-29, 1977, under the title: "The Imaging I: Self-Exploration in Poetry by Women of Many Cultures." Papers on non-English-speaking poets are encouraged. Among

Please note that we have once again sent this Newsletter first class due to the continu­ing deterioration of the Postal Service and the enthusiastic response of our subscribers This has further depleted our funds, but we still think it worthwhile. For this rea­son, we must urge all those who have not yet sent their $2 for this year to do so imme­diately. If anyone feels able to send more, please do. We need it.


relevant issues that might be explored are the relationship between the self­image and the poetic image; the place of self-examination in the poet’s oeuvre; the self-images and poetic forms women use; the effect of feminism on women’s work. Translations of foreign texts should be provided. Maximum length is 8 single-spaced pages. Send one copy to each of the following persons by May 1:
Nadean Bishop, Women's Studies Program, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197; and Sue Lanser, Women’s Studies Program, University of Wisconsin, 209 North Brooks Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706.


"Women and Literary Circles in the 19th Century"

"Women in German" will be sponsoring two special sessions at the next annual meeting of the MLA on the topic of women and literary circles in the nineteenth century. The term "literary circle" may be taken in its broadest sense to include groups consisting of a handful of friends as well as more formally organized liter­ary societies or salons. Besides papers on the historical role of women in the literary circle, preference will be given to those women associated with literary circles who actually wrote critical, literary, or autobiographical works. The nineteenth century would encompass the periods of German Romanticism, 1848, and the turn of the century.

The first session will be primarily informational and will consist of 3-4 short papers (10-15 mins.). We would therefore request that the participants pre­pare both a detailed abstract and a general bibliography for general distribution at the session. The second session will be devoted to a discussion of that materi­al.

Those interested in submitting proposals for papers, in contributing biblio­graphical material independent of a paper, or in participating as a discussion leader for the second session should contact both: Helen Cafferty, German Dept., Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine 04011 and Susan L. Cocalis, German Dept./Herter Hall, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass. 01003. Proposal deadline (in duplicate) is between Apr. 15 and May 1, 1977 and tentative paper deadline is between Aug. 1 and Sept. 1, 1977.


Women in German Caucus
NEMLA Conference in Pittsburth
April 23, 1977, 8:30 AM
Co-Chairpersons: Sara Lennox, Univ. of Massachusetts Irmgard Taylor, SUNY Cortland


I would like to ask you to report in the next Newsletter that the first Women in German meeting at the SAMLA convention (Nov. 4-6, 1976) was very successful. It was well attended and the discussion lasted more than 11/2 hours.
As a result we were able to establish a new 2-hour workshop for the SAMLA con­vention in Washington D.C. from Nov. 3-5, 1977. The topics of the workshop will be:

1. First hour: Refocusing the Image of Women in German Courses.

Eight minute presentations on one of the following aspects will be followed by discussion: Language, Literature, Culture and Civilization. Send papers before April 1 to: Marilyn Scott-Jones, [redacted]


2. Second hour: Present Research on Women in German Literature.

Brief presentations or project summaries will be followed by discussion. Send proposals by April 1 to: Elke Frederiksen, Dept. of Germanic and Slavic Lan­guages and Literatures, University of Maryland, College Park, Md. 20742.


The Marxist Literary Group (MLG) of the Midwest Modern Language Association is soliciting papers for the Marxist Forum at the MMLA in Chicago from Oct. 27-29, 1977 in Chicago. The topic is an Application of Marxist Feminist Criticism. The subject aims at a synthesis of Marxism and Feminism and is of central interest to those who believe that traditional Marxism has not dealt with Feminism as well as to those who believe that Marxism is capable of dealing with Feminism. Papers should be no more than 8 pages single-spaced and should be submitted by the beginning of May to the coordinator of this forum. Abstracts should be submitted by the beginning of April. As usual, collective papers and projects are encouraged. Any questions should be directed to the coordinators: Renny Harrigan, German Dept., [redacted] UWM, Mil­waukee, Wis. 53201: Renate Holub, Univ. of Wise./Madison, Dept. of French & Italian, 1220 Linden Drive, Van Hise Hall, Madison, Wis. 53706. German topics are often neglected in larger symposia. It is up to us to make sure it is represented.


Midwest Modem Language Association (Oct. 1977, Chicago)
Marxist Literary Group
Forum: "The Progressive Teacher"
Themes for 1977: Imperialism, racism and sexism in the classroom A critique of literary works and textbooks.

As teachers we must realize that we are powerful change agents and as pro­gressive teachers we must utilize our knowledge and skills to expose and identify the real causes of the injustices which exist in our society. Education has been used to perpetuate and promote the status quo and no one but teachers will be able to offer a progressive alternative.

This year our theme will focus on ruling class idology; namely imperialism, racism and sexism in literary works and textbooks. We want to share your observa­tions and your efforts to make education promote human rights. Send your papers to Guy Levilain, Brown Hall, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minn. 56301.

Length of papers: 8 pages single-spaced
Deadline for title and short description: April 15, 1977
Deadline for submitting papers: August 15, 1977

Possible topics could include other discriminations based on age and sexual preference.




Dear Women in German:

Since I have been working, for some years, in the field of Austrian literature, I have become quite well acquainted with the Austrian women's movement and its his­tory. Being an Austrian and having studied there, I have of course been involved in the modern developments. Having a mother who was herself extremely active in the women's movement when young, adds a special background.

I have felt that the Austrian women's movement was as a rule, a little over­shadowed by the German movement, though it had produced very able and interesting leaders. I now wonder whether you know of any other women interested in the Austrian movement, and whether an "Arbeitsgruppe Osterreich" might not be called for. I have myself taken a step in that direction and committed myself to writing an article on Rosa Mayreder for a special issue of MAL, which I had suggested. If you have any suggestions or ideas concerning a group interested in Austria's women's movement, I would very much appreciate your contacting me.

Sincerely yours,
Hertha Krotkoff

Dear Women in German:

A new organization welcoming members interested in German history, literature, philosophy, politics, geopolitics, and related studies.

We publish a NEWSLETTER, carrying information about grants, library collections, recent publications, travel by visiting scholars, and diplomats, and news of current research. We also hold an annual conference and sponsor meetings in conjunction with other professional organizations, offering opportunities for the presentation of re­search papers. We expect shortly to begin the publication of a journal.

For membership information please contact me. The annual membership fee is $10 ($2, non-voting membership available to students).

Prof. Gerald R. Kleinfeld
Westerna Assoc, for German Studies
Dept. of History
Arizona State University
Tempe, Ariz. 85281

Dear Women in German:

Perhaps you recall from our meeting of Women in German at the last Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association of America in Dec. 1976 in New York, that I tried to draw the attention of the members present to our first inter- discinplinary Western Association for German Studies, founded in 1976. As a member of the Executive Committee of that organization I write to you, in order to ask you to kindly announce the existence of our organization in your next Women in German Newsletter. In order to simplify matters I enclose a membership form containing the pertinent details.


Would you also announce that our first annual convention will take place on this campus, Oct. 21-22, and that a call for papers is sent to all individuals interested in the conference theme "The Federal Republic of Germany since 1945," but that to­pics of general interest are also considered. Abstracts in English to be submitted to Prof. Douglas F. Tobler, Dept. of History, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, tentative deadline April 30.

Thank you very much.

Ingeborg L. Carlson Arizona State Univ.
Temple, Ariz. 85281

Dear Women in German

I would like to see the present discussion of sexism in textbooks expanded to cover a broader range of materials, perhaps in a series entitles "Sexism in the Presentation of Women in Cultural Materials." Here I am thinking especially of films and cultural materials we receive from West and East Germany, Austria and Switzerland for use in American classrooms. The regional consulates of the FRG dis­tribute several films, on women which I am using in culture courses, and which need badly some feminist critique, also as a feedback to Internationes. Almost all of these films are recent, are commissioned at quite some expense, and show not only ignorance, but also bias, even if not intentional bias. You may have seen such a "harmless" film as "Salzburg, Jedermann-Stadt" (the German and the English version is sent by the Austrian Institute all over the country). In this new film, ap­parently commissioned for audiences abroad, the city of Salzburg is presented through the eyes and the life style of a middle-aged man with all his hang-ups and blurred vision concerning women. Such films as well as pertinent passages in Facts about Germany, in the leaflet German Women, or in Austria: Facts and Figures need some close scrutiny.

PS: It occurs to me that at the next larger meeting (MLA, AATG) Women in German should request a time in the afternoon or evening of two hours, one for a program and immediately following a social hour for individual contacts—there is little opportunity for meeting and talking to other women for those of us not in the modern period.

Sincerely yours,
Baerbel Becker-Cantarino
Dept of Germanic Lang.
The University of Texas at
Austin, Austin, Texas, 78712

This newsletter was prepared by Evelyn Torton Beck, Viktoria Harwig, Biddy Martin, Sara Markham Peitsch, Angelika Shalter and Christa Stutius. Typing was donated by Marsha Meyer.

Enclosed, please find my $2 ($1) for a years subscription to Women in German. Send your check to: Women in German, German Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 53706.




The second Retreat/Symposium will take place in Oxford, Ohio on September 23 to 25, 1977 (Friday thru Sunday). We again reserved the camp we used last year, which is free of charge. It is big enough for a meeting of 40-50 people but has only 14 beds. Therefore, those coming by car are requested to bring folding beds along. Alternate sleeping arrangements would be with the Miami women or in near-by motels (at extra expense).

Registration fee to cover food and expenses, is $10.- again. However, it was the consensus of last year's participants that those living close enough to come by car and thus having less travel expenses them those having to come by plane, should be requested to make an extra donation to a travel fund. This travel fund would be used to contribute to the expenses of those who come from far away.

Please be considerate of the organizers and register early. Let us know of any change in plans as soon as possible. We will do our best to make things work out smoothly. Looking forward to another successful retreat with you,

Gisela Bahr

----------- REGISTRATION FORM------------------

I want to register for the retreat on September 23-25, 1977.

Registration Fee of $10.00                        
(      ) enclosed                    
(      ) will be mailed later

Donation to Travel Fund
in the amount of $____________
(      ) enclosed                    
(___) will be mailed later
(Make checks payable to Gisela Bahr)

I want to stay

(       ) at the camp. (       ) will bring a folding bed
(I understand that I need to bring a sleeping bag).

(       ) with friends

(       ) at a motel (please send information)

I shall need day care for ___{no.)  children, age ________

I expect to arrive on ______

(       ) by car

(       ) by plane; will inform you of airport (Dayton or Cincinnati), time of arrival and departure, flight number as soon as possible.

NAME ______________  TELEPHONE ____________

MAILING ADDRESS __________________________________________

Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope (4x9) so that we can send you further instructions, and mail to Gisela Bahr, Dept. of GREAL, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056.



Torton Beck, Evelyn
Harwig, Viktoria
Martin, Biddy
Markham Peitsch, Sara
Shalter, Angelika
Stutius, Christa


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