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Oct. 20Dear Pat, Enclosed a $5 check to help finance Rinser's visit. I wish I could contribute more, but I am on a leave of absence without pay this year, so... See [sic] at the MLA Alles Gute Marc Silberman

WOMEN IN GERMAN Mailing address: 818 Van Hise Hall, Madison, WI. 53706 Number 16                              September 10, 1978Subscription fee: $2.00 per year ($1.00 if unemployed) All of us are well aware that the Women’s movement is going strong.…

WOMEN IN GERMAN Number 12                                                September 12, 1977 Subscription fee: $2.00 per year ($1.00 If unemployed) If it's September, it must be tine for our Women in German Conference Retreat (this year once again in…

WOMEN IN GERMAN Number 8                                                              September 10, 1976 Subscriber fee: $2.00 per year ($1.00 if unemployed) Please address all correspondence to: Women in German / 814 Van Hise Hall / University of…

[Cover]femme       Frau             mujer                   woman[image: drawing of woman's face; background text is a banner that runs accross the page diagonally, repeating "a world of women"] A PROJECT FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CURRICULUM MATERIALS…

NEWS FROM WOMEN IN GERMAN Number 4                                               October 15, 1975 In her seminal essay Virginia Woolf asks what a women needs in order to create, to which she answers, "money and a room of her own." Within the News…

WOMEN IN GERMAN[images]NOVEMBER 1984The Coalition of Women in German, an allied organization of the MLA, invites students, teachers and all others interested in Feminism and German Studies to subscribe to the newsletter. See the last page of this…
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