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We fondly remember one of our early Women in German members, Martha Kaarsberg Wallach, Professor Emeritus of Modern Languages at Central Connecticut State University, who died a year ago, on February 28, 2017,
at the age of 85. She was a…

Julie was a longtime active and activist member of Women in German who frequently attended the annual meetings (and helped script the Cabaret!), took care of printing and mailing the Newsletter for several years, co-organized the 1990 annual meeting,…

Coalition of WOMEN IN GERMAN Number 30                                                      March 1983 PAID YOUR DUES? Why begin the newsletter with this question? Because WiG needs money to carry out all our projects, quite a few of which are…

WOMEN IN GERMAN Number 29November 1982 Another WiG conference has come and gone. If I had to sum up WiG 1982 in a word--and thank goddess I don’t--I would probably choose action. Not to describe the various comings and goings, though there were…

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Beth Muellner's interview of Pat Herminghouse at Banff Conference Center, Alberta Canada, October 2016

WOMEN IN GERMAN Number 37August 1985 EDITORIAL Since this is the conference issue, we propose the following suggestions, based on discussion of our regional meeting in June (report to follow). The focus of these proposals is to address…

WOMEN IN GERMAN[image] MARCH 1985 The Coalition of Women in German, an allied organization of the MLA, invites students, teachers and all others interested in Feminism and German Studies to subscribe to the newsletter. See the last page of this…
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